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M113 Armoured Personnel Carrier

Client: Australian Department of Defence (DoD) and British Aerospace Systems (BAE)
Project: M113 Armoured Personnel Carrier
Challenge: Machining of 5083-grade aluminium hull for M113 personnel carrier to Department of Defence specifications. The project also included machining of auxiliary equipment such as ramp doors and top hatches.
Approach: Prior to commencement of the project, WEC was fully audited by BAE to ensure compliance with DoD quality control standards. We then proceeded with CNC programming to strict DoD specifications. All hulls were fully machined on our CNC floor borer, involving 16 individual cycles. Toward project’s end, we were required to machine as many as 13 units per month. All hulls were transported using WEC vehicles; from BAE in Williamstown, and to Wadsworth Barracks, Bandiana.
Result: WEC facilitated stringent DoD deadlines, machining a total of 186 units to 100% accuracy of specification.